Check and set the temperature right from your desktop, phone, or wrist. Make yourself comfortable with just a quick tap or click.

Thessa offers you the fastest way to control your Nest Learning Thermostat.


Be in control, right from your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch

Stay safe and warm

Thessa is a beautiful and incredibly easy to use widget that allows you to control your Nest Learning Thermostat™, right from Notification Center in Mac OS X Yosemite or iOS 8. Simply drag the slider to change the temperature (Mac OS) or tap the increase or decrease buttons (iOS). Additionally, Thessa supports the Apple Watch right from day one!

Thessa for Mac OS X can also receive messages from your Nest Protect™, so you will instantly know when smoke or carbon monoxide has been detected.


Use the Thessa Widget for iPhone to quickly access your Nest Learning Thermostat.

Thessa for Apple Watch

Thessa for Apple Watch

Feeling cold? Some heat is just a tap on your wrist away with Thessa for Apple Watch.

Thessa for Mac OS X

If you're working on a Mac, the Thessa Widget for Mac OS X puts you in control, right from your desk.

Thessa and Nest Protect

Thessa and Nest Protect

If your Nest Protect detects smoke or carbon monoxide, Thessa for Mac OS X will let you know immediately.

What it does

Check and set
See the current temperature and set a new target temperature with just a single tap or click.
Home, Away, On, Off, Heating, Cooling
Thessa supports it all, as well as multiple thermostats and multiple homes.
See the Nest Leaf
Did you pick an energy efficient temperature? Thessa will show you right away.
Get Nest Protect notifications
Own one or more Nest Protects? Thessa will notify you on your Mac when something’s wrong.
Fahrenheit and Celsius
American, Brit or German, we’ve got your preference covered.
Beautiful and easy to use
Our parents use Thessa, too!

Works with Nest
Thessa requires iOS 8 or later and works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
On desktop, Thessa requires Mac OS X Yosemite or later.
Both require at least one Nest Learning Thermostat to operate.

You can actually download this app!

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